News emerging from your house this morning, indicates that your dad was left “highly impressed” by Solomun’s dance moves.

Your dad, fifty seven, is believed to have caught a brief glimpse of the DJ’s well honed moves after catching a glimpse of his Boiler Room set recorded at 2015’s BPM festival in Mexico.

“Thew way he moved was really impressive,” explained your dad earlier. “Nothing fancy or over exuberant, just good solid dancing, exactly the kind of moves I would try to pull of if I was at some sort of family event, like a wedding or birthday party, I must watch the whole video and see if I can pick up a few tips.

According to sources in your house, your dad fancies himself as a “bit of a groover and a shaker” after a work colleague told him he “could really move” at last year’s Christmas party.

“I’ve been thinking about toning my own routine down for a while now,” continued your dad. “I’m not getting any younger and I’m still using the same moves I was using in the eighties, they’re young man moves and, although I can totally still pull them off, I’m looking to tone down a little and I think this Solomun guy has style I’m looking for.”

“He has this one move where he points his finger and just kind of twirls his wrists and slightly moves his arms at the elbow,” he continued. “That’s the kind of move I’m looking to upgrade to, low impact and low energy, I can really prolong my dancing career if I change to these kind of moves in the near future.”

Experts are predicting that your embarrassment levels are set to rise by approximately 75% at all family occasions after your dad attempts to introduce his new range of Solomun inspired dance moves.

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