by Danielle Holian

Xenia Rubinos has announced UK and European tour dates.

Following the release of her second album, Black Terry Cat, she has announced dates in the UK and Europe for October, with more dates to come.

“Black Terry Cat is a #browngirlmagic carpet ride powered by deep pocket backbeats and funky bass lines and “Lonely Lover” was the first full song I finished for the album – it was a real breakthrough where I felt like I’d created my own sound, and became kind of my mantra for making the rest of the album. I was listening to a lot of R&B, hip hop, rap, digging into black culture in America as well as the Afro-Latin diaspora which I’m a part of,” Rubinos explains about the album.

Catch Xenia live at the following dates:
24/10 London, UK – Birthdays
27/10 Mannheim, DE – Enjoy Jazz Festival
28/10 Hamburg, DE – Mojo Cafe
29/10 Berlin, DE – Kantine am Berghain