Nitelife’s newest nutrition writer let’s us in on what she ate during a circuit training day.

Today is a typical training day for me but to change things up a bit, I’m going to opt for a circuit routine to incorporate both strength training and cardio. My energy levels are up after my day off training yesterday, solid sleep and maybe some slight over indulgence on the odd sweet here and there over the weekend (as to be expected at this time of the year). So I choose this circuit routine as my go-to punishment that I secretly love and have become slightly addicted to.


8 am: Black coffee (no milk )

9 am: Gluten free/fat-free yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon, whole flaxseed and a pinch of cacao nibs for that healthy chocolate hit, plus added crunch for texture.

11 am: Intense strength & cardio circuit time!!! Takes a good hour to complete. Keeping rest periods to a minimum to ensure heart rate is kept up, and hence ,calorie burn optimised.


1 pm: Time to refuel with my favourite post workout shake.

Into my NutriBullet goes one scoop of whey (choc-orange flavour), lots of ice, a few frozen blueberries and tsp of cacao powder. Add some water (never milk) and blend until super thick, creamy, frothy and delicious. Again, I add dash of cinnamon on top before grabbing a spoon and tucking in. Calorie count coming to around 200. The nearest thing to an American style, sinful chocolate milkshake that I will get. For some, this isn’t an ideal way to refuel, however this is my favourite go-to staple. Seeing as it contains vital protein (from whey), healthy carbs (from my blueberries) and plenty fluid to re-hydrate, I am covering all angles of nutrition to help my body refuel and grow. Some people would obviously prefer to have a more substantial meal after training and that is okay; I like to reserve my carbs for closer to bedtime to help secure a good solid sleep as carbs increase serotonin, and hence, induce that sleepy feeling at just the right time. Plus being wheat intolerant, I tend to choose bread-free re-fuelling options and keep the bloat free/pain free tummy happy!


3 pm: Today, I happen to have a protein bar on hand. My chocolate flavour PowerBar is an ideal midday snack option as it contains 10 grams of protein and only 8 grams of carbs, coming in under 110 calories. I like to keep my blood sugar stable throughout the day so I am not reaching for sugary, quick fixes later when I’m starving. PowerBars are a great choice when compared to other glorified, sugar-laden bars disguised as protein bars.

6pm: Dinner is a baked chicken breast, steamed broccoli and a small sweet potato cut into strips which resemble fries, slowly roasted in the oven with some sea salt and black pepper.

8.30 pm: I go for decaf coffee (no milk) and instead of chocolate biscuits like others around me, I choose two dark ryvita spread with extra-light Laughing Cow topped with cherry tomatoes. This combo ensures I get my carbs in a slow release form with some protein to help slow the insulin rush, setting the mood for a restful, sound sleep.