Drake will host and serve as the musical guest on this week’s Saturday Night Live, capping off a week where his “One Dance” hit Number One and on the heels of his platinum-selling Views. In a funny promo for his upcoming appearance, SNL cast member Leslie Jones can’t seem to keep her hands off the rapper.

While Drake may have started from the bottom, it’s his actual bottom that Jones seems most concerned with during the promo. In the clip, the pair is outside a church in New York. While Drake is in the midst of announcing his appearance, Jones is playing grab-ass.

Later, Jones pitches a sketch to Drake. “I have an idea for a sketch in which I spank you like a baby,” she says. Drake’s not too keen on the idea, so Jones tries another angle, saying, “OK, we’re two cops and we bust into the scene and catch the robbers, right? And then I spank you like a baby.” Drake seems to warm to the alternate pitch and makes up funny on-the-spot lyrics for the potential sketch.

Jones’ obsession with the rapper’s behind continues when she requests that he sit on her lap for the promo.

This isn’t the first time Drake has pulled double duty on the show. In 2014, he served as host and musical guest as well.

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