Dave Chappelle may have mastered the art of impersonating musicians like Prince and Rick James, but his Thom Yorke could use some work. Like Prince, who delivered a stunning version of Radiohead’s “Creep” during his headlining Coachella set in 2008, the comedian is also apparently a fan of the Pablo Honey classic.

A Reddit user dug up video of Chappelle belting “Creep” at Erykah Badu’s 45th birthday party at Dallas, Texas’ Factory venue, with the comedian performing the track alongside a live band that features Badu and a bunch of revelers.

Dallas wasn’t the only city to witness Chappelle croon like Yorke: In March, when the comedian visited Portland, Oregon for one of his pop-up residencies, Chappelle also attended local strip club Devil Point’s Stripperoke night – karaoke, with strippers – where he sang “Creep” plus the Police’s “Roxanne” and the Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly.”

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