Phillip Schofield proved he is down with the kids by attempting a spot of dabbing.

The TV presenter posted a video on Instagram showing him tackling the dance move, in which which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising their arm.

Phillip Schofield (Ian West/PA)

Sitting in what appears to be his kitchen, Phillip says: “It has to be slick, quick and effective.”

Hhe then launches into the move, before laughing, grabbing his glass of wine and wandering off.

His video has gone done a storm with fans online.

“Made my Sunday,” gushed one admirer, while another said: “I just saw this and I’m crying , I don’t know how it’s that funny.”

However, one follower didn’t have such good things to say, teasing: “Daughter said this was a rubbish dab ;).”


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