Vinegar Mother

If you’re a fan of BARQ or Miss Kate & The Higher State and you’re hankering for more  expertly performed slick soul, then vinegar mother are the tonic for your woes. The New York / Connecticut based five piece play accomplished soulful tunes with a bluesy overtone.

The brass and organ colour a very ‘Big Apple’ sounding rhythm section while vocalist and guitarist Julia Zivic leads from the front with jazzy chord progressions and smoky lyrical tones. Vinegar Mother would have been right at home on J.J.Smyths on a Friday night.

The “buncha nerds” from New England honed their chops on the live circuit with their collaboratively composed songs. They share influences from Avant Garde jazz and classic rock and the sunny seat melds the two with solid tunes comprised of experimental rhythms and exotic scales.

‘Slow’ has a measured, deliberate groove with menacing chords and vinyl scratches underpinning the emotional  desolation of the lyrics. The shimmering keyboards flourishes on the verse of ‘Are You Ready?’ evoke ambivalence. They could be summery or gothic wallowing. Zivic’s vocals certainly suggest the latter and the desire of he chorus suggests frustration in a relationship.

The sparse strings of ‘Unhappy Family’  lead up to a strangulating chorus. ‘Cat Call’ brings the city to mind while the title track sounds overwhelmed by the scale of the city, and of life itself. The Sunny Seat is bold and cool. It’s an EP for a particular mood but it is brim-full of quality, assured tunes.



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