The celebrity lawyer caught viewers’ attention when he drove through a toll bridge and threw the receipt on the ground after paying.

“Gerald Kean could do with transforming his littering habits,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Anyone notice the litter bug on Operation Transformation? Some example!” wrote another.

Kean lost a whopping 17lbs in the first week of the programme, and doubled his target of three pounds in the second weigh-in of the RTE show, losing six.

The 59-year-old has overhauled his diet and lifestyle since starting the show, recently revealing to the Sunday Independent that he used to eat out 19 times a week, including “seven lunches, seven breakfasts and then five nights.”

Kean, who entered the show weighing 19 stone seven pounds, suffers from type 2 diabetes but has drastically reduced his intake of insulin due to the improvements he’s made to his lifestyle.

He stars on the show alongside Elaine Crowley, Brenda Donohoe, Karl Spain, and Katherine Lynch.

Celebrity Operation Transformation returns to RTE on Wednesday at 9.30pm.


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