Review by Clare Mullaniff

VERIDIA, a combination of veritas and veridical, meaning “An expression of truth and to strive for raw honesty in every aspect of daily life” according to the band’s website, are a four piece alternative/electronic group from Nashville.

The band have only been together since 2013, although vocalist Deena and guitarist Brandon were in a separate band beforehand. Joined by new drummer Kyle and guitarist Trevor, VERIDIA began demoing tracks to various producers and trying to identify what sound they wanted to portray. ‘Inseparable’ is the band’s first EP, although you can’t tell that from listening to it.

Opening track, ‘We Are The Brave’, is a mixture of powerful vocals, thumping drums, and strong guitar melodies that gives each instrument equal volume and emphasis, which is always a sign of a band in tune with each other. The lyrics speak of unity and courage, and are a strong lead into the rest of the album. It’s easy to see why this song was used in the NCAA softball league.

The fade out from track one into track two, ‘Disconnected’, is clever, and creates a flow within the tracks. This is a catchy, musically complex song that will surely be credited as one of VERIDIA’s finest.

‘Furious Love’ opens with strong string sounds that lead into heartfelt lyrics that speak of confidence and self-assurance. The whole EP has an air of boisterousness and independence that is inspiring, especially for younger fans.

Track number four, ‘Mechanical Planet’, sees vocalist Deena attempting spoken word poetry, which she has previously stated her love for, and she does a fine job. Personal, but not over the top, the spoken word interlude adds depth to an already well rounded musical piece. The message of the song is one of fighting against conformity and realising the mechanical way in which daily life is lived, and striving to stand out and go against the grain to be your true self.

The closing track is reminiscent of the four songs previous, and wraps the sound and message of the album up well. ‘Mystery of the Invisible’ uses strings again, combined with powerful vocals and interesting lyrics to produce a futuristic anthem that will, no doubt, be incredible when performed live.

Currently on their ‘Only the Crazy Survive’ tour in America, VERIDIA are a relatively new band that has produced an EP well beyond their years, and this is definitely only the beginning.

Top Tracks: We Are the Brave, Disconnected, Mechanical Planet.

Stars: *****

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