Music maestros Unshaped Form are continuing their residency at Dublin’s Bello Bar next Thursday, December 10th.

With beginnings in Dublin-based music collective 3epkano, Unshaped Form’s musical experience in composing alternative sound tracks to silent movies is vast.

This interesting and musically-diverse ensemble has played many critically acclaimed gigs in the US and has sold out the National Concert Hall as members of 3epkano, with guesting artists like The Gloaming’s Iarla Ó Lionáird. The guys are now in a new stage and want to make people aware of who Unshaped Form are.

Together these versatile musicians are exploring the world of inspiring film shorts through new sounds, styles and unique instrumentation.

Instrumentation on the night will include: voice, cello, synths, guitar, drums, electronics and percussion. Special guests during their residency so far have included Ryan Taylor Doyle and Steve Shannon.

This month, Unshaped Form will end the year with a retrospective glance at their residency so far, picking from some of their favorite short films to date as well as some fresh material. It will also be a return gig for cellist Lioba Petrie, who was invited as artist-in-residence at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris.

Cameron Doyle and James Mackin will also feature and perform live to screen.

The guys have promised to include a Christmas selection to the movies and have especially composed new music for the films that will be screened. This is one show that is definitely not to be missed.

Check out Bello Bar for more details  and Unshaped Form on Twitter.