Sad news this week, as one of the Capital’s favourite venues is set to close after seven years of excellent service; but it looks as though the gang over at Twisted Pepper don’t want to make a big fuss: “We expect to leave quietly, out the back door, no big fuss. Much like how we opened.”

The TP owners took to Facebook yesterday to say: “We feel we’ve achieved what we set out to do with The Twisted Pepper, and as always for us, once we get the itch to move on and develop something new, we gotta move on,”

They Continued: “We opened in 2008, probably the worst economic time to open any venue in Dublin. We’re closing in 2015, probably as good a time as any to remain open. Economic circumstances never affected why we opened, nor why we are closing. When you believe you’re doing something different and you’ve got the fire in your belly – you go for it. When you’ve done all you have set out to do, and you start to feel your repeating yourself and the passion goes, it’s over.

The Dublin social scene rumour mill has been churning out reports that T.P will re-open as a restaurant. On this, the owners responded: “54 Middle Abbey St will be refurbished with a new bar and food focus, mixed with another 5-10 random ideas that will inevitably ‘make no sense’. We will not be a restaurant, we have no idea where that rumour came from…we want to make things smaller, more intimate, more local, more creative… more fun. We want do things differently, but also in many ways return to the roots of where we started many moons ago in Wax. We’ll keep some fans, lose some fans, and hopefully gain some new ones. Maybe we’ll even regain some old ones.”

From tomorrow (Thursday 13th) until Saturday (15th) , The Twisted Pepper will host its closing events, with nights run by Welcome, Mud, and Pogo. You can find more details on T.P’s Facebook page.

On a lighter note, our friends over at Waterford Whispers had this to say on the hipster-haunt closure!  hipsters-shave-off-beards-in-protest-at-twisted-pepper-closure/