This beard trend is showing no signs of abating. Which is perfectly fine by us. Homeless-chic is rocking the runways of London, hipster-tached hunks are sitting in vegan cafes blogging about vintage bikes, and big, bearded Gods are chopping wood in the mountains of Canada. In honour of our macho brothers, we’ve popped together this lovely list of luscious (face) locks. Enjoy!

5. Ricki Hall

With over 157,000 followers on Instagram, this lad has quite the following. As well as being covered in funky tattoos, he’s an ex-mechanic turned model. Mr Hall is Britain’s top male clotheshorse of the moment, having fronted campaigns for Diesel and Tagliatore.

4.    Alex Libby

This 22-year-old Briton, who was spotted during a trip to the beach, says his favourite food is pizza and his most loved grooming product is moisturiser. If you’ve never seen this lad before, his Instagram is sure to keep you entertained. Alex is fond of kittens, outdoors-y pursuits and getting his kit off!

3. Luke Ditella 

Be still those beating ovaries, here’s Luke Ditella, owner of some mighty fine face fuzz. The arms, the tats, the eyes…the wife? Yeah, he’s taken by an equally ridey beure, Melissa Dilger. She’s probably a b****!

2. Levi Stocke 

We do love a bit of ginger in the beard, and this guy has certainly been ‘touched by fire’. How was the stylish Stocke scouted? The model says: “I was in Glendale at Ralph’s, and a casting agent approached asking if I had ever considered modeling. I’m thinking here I am covered in Tattoos with a beard—not your typical model at all—but figured what the hell, it could be a fun experience, and it ended up being so much more!”

1.Chris John Millington

And the hottest man is…Chris ‘Milly’ Millington. Not only does this fine gent have a sexy as hell beard, and a bunch of cool tattoos, but he’s got a Scottish accent to top it all off. Now take us to the Highlands Milly!

And a special mention goes to the guy who voiced Hey Arnold. Who’s also stupidly hot.