When it comes to getting something like a tattoo a lot of thought has to go into it. As someone who is planning to get one soon, I have been mulling over it for almost two years. It’s an important decision so you want to make sure the best place possible is chosen. So, I’ve taken a look at some of the places in Galway City to get a great tattoo or piercing. Here are Nitelife’s top 5 places to get some body art – and piercing!

  1. Galway Bay Tattoo 

Welcome to the first body art hotspot on our list. Although this was a difficult list to pull together, we begin with Galway Bay Tattoo; they turned out to be quite the hidden gem. It takes a bit of looking around to find them – or at least it did for me – but their work is amazing. You can find them at 63 lower Dominick Street, Galway, and are definitely worth considering if you want a stunning new tattoo. Their Christmas vouchers will make wonderful stocking fillers for anyone who is hoping to get inked. Artists, Dmitri and Nancy are super friendly and incredibly talented. Pop in and have a chat with the lovely Kiaya at the front desk, and you’ll soon be on your way to a Galway Bay tattoo!

  1. Inkfingers Custom Tattoo Studio

Inkfingers Tattoo Studio is located in the Cathedral Buildings on Lower Abbeygate Street. It’s a place some may not notice when they first walk by, but the results are something worth paying attention to. They have been in Galway for two years, and since then, they have had dozens of haoppy customers. They provide great detailed information on aftercare for your tattoo and are extremely helpful. Inkfingers is definitely a studio worth considering; this was reinforced when I met one of their former customers, ‘Lola’.

  1. Victor Tattoo and Body Piercing

Another hidden gem in the heart of Galway that I wish I had known about sooner. Located just off the four corners on Shop Street, I have heard nothing but positive, raving reviews about the studio. Their work is something to see and worth looking into if you are considering some ink. The staff are wonderfully adept artists and always helpful – something which keep clients coming back every time. If you’re up for getting a sleeve, consider Victor; he has an extensive back catalogue of truly funky sleeve work.

  1. G’s Tattoos and body piercing

G’s is one of the most talked about tattoos studios in Galway, and after seeing some of their work first hand, I am not surprised. All the lads in G’s are 100% professional and all their work is breath-taking. The team also provide great after care for their tattoos and piercings, including a touch-up if required. Where can you find them? The studio is located at 36 William St., Shop St. if you want a ‘tramp stamp’, a ‘skank plank’ or a good old-fashioned lip piercing, then Gordon, Caz, Fiona or Adam will hook you up!

And the winner is…Drum roll please!

1.A.W.O.L Tattoos

It was tough, but in all our inky wisdom we have chosen A.W.O.L. These lovely lads and ladies are located right beside Sally Longs – so you can nip in for a pint straight after you get marked.

The studio is a great place to get a new or first piercing/tattoo.  The team are all amazing, the place is – eat your dinner off the floor – spotless, and they offer great care advice. The team also provide laser tattoo removal if you want to erase that ex-boyfriend’s name from your ass! What else could you ask for? From the moment you walk through the door in from the Galway chill, you feel welcomed and in very capable hands – which is something you really want when someone is going to be stabbing you!

So there you have it, a fine collection of tribal studios for your consideration. Each space provides great after-care and does amazing work. Need more help? Check out the links above for more info on each.  When deciding on a place it really depends on your own personal tastes and preferences.

Now, go forth and get inked!