We all love a good Netflix-and-Chill, right? Is there a better way to while away those rainy Irish days? Maybe throw in some wine. With a huge selection of top-drawer documentaries on the video streaming saviour, we’ve enlisted Nitelife newbie Patricia Langsch to pop together her top 5!

5. Anything David Attenborough Related

With an oh-so soothing voice and passion for nature, Big D had to make it to the top 5. Many of his works are available: Africa, Life, Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, The Life of Mammals and The Life of Birds. If you’re a nature freak, Attenborough is the way to go. He spouts interesting like it’s going out of style, and makes learning about nature, fun. I must say, I’m quite envious of the things he’s seen, what he’s experienced and where he’s traveled. Sure isn’t it grand that he’s sharing his experiences with us? Thanks Davey!

4. The Imposter (2012)

Unfortunately, this doc is only available on the American Netflix 🙁 The Imposter tells the story of Frédéric Bourdin, a 23-year-old trickster, who impersonated a young boy from Texas, Nicholas Barclay, that went missing in 1994 at the age of 13. Barclay was not the first child he impersonated; in fact, there is a long list of children, both real and imaginary. What makes this film fascinating is Frédéric Bourdin’s interview. He explains how he did what he did, and why he did it in the first place. The film also includes interviews with the members of Nicholas Barclay’s family. It’s amazing to see what lengths he was willing to go to in order to appear believable, including getting the three tattoos that Nicholas had, as well as dying his hair blonde. Oh what messed up people live in this world!

3. Forensic Files (1996)

This is my ultimate favourite documentary-series. I always watch an episode or two before hitting the hay! This series shows how forensic science is used to solve murders and mysterious accidents. Great bed-time watching, eh? There are 14 seasons, with 13 episodes per season. You can stream two collections now on Netflix, which adds up to 80 episodes. It’s usually the mom, the dad, or the creepy lad next door that commits the crimes. Watching this made me realise: Bad things can happen to anybody, and no-one is as invincible as they like to think they are. Lesson learned.

2. The Central Park 5 (2012)

So, what’s this one about then? A female jogger, Trisha Meili, who was brutally assaulted in Central Park circa 1989. Five black men: Yusef Salaam, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson and Korey Wise were convicted of the crime, despite having no DNA evidence supporting their involvement. They served between 6-13 years in prison. The five happened to be in Central Park on the night of the assault and they were accused of committing the crime simply because of their dark skin. You should definitely give this documentary film a try, you will not be disappointed!

1. Making a Murderer (2015)

Of course, Making a Murderer makes it to the top of the list considering its popularity on the web. If you’re willing to sacrifice 10 hours of your time, this is a documentary you have to watch. It revolves around the case of Steven Aver,y who was arrested in 2005 for killing a young woman, Teresa Halbach. Avery was previously incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit, and spent 18 years in prison before DNA tests proved his innocence. Making a Murderer is mind-boggling and once you decide to watch, be prepared to go through many emotional stages, including disbelief, rage and despair. Amazing!