Eating healthfully ― it ain’t easy, what with the daily grind of work, work, and eh…work! While ‘superfood’ has been the belly-busting buzz word of the last decade, having to trek across town to the vegan cafe to source a €4-a-pop portion of something you can’t quite pronounce, is just tiresome. Actually, it’s enough to make us reach for the Just-Eat app; which should have been deleted 10 lbs ago!

Fear not! Because many truly fantastic superfoods are totally affordable and readily available, here, there and everywhere ― except Dominos. Here’s Nitelife’s Top 10 Superfoods to keep you looking HOT!

1. Eggs

Ah, the humble egg ― cheap, versatile and chock full of protein goodness. Whip up a quick omelette, or boil em’ for five minutes for a speedy breakfast. There full of selenium, which will keep your skin baby soft and zit free.

Egg (food) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2. Sweet Potato 

Okay, it took a while to become accustomed to the taste, but now, I eat them almost everyday. With more Vitamin C than an orange, these bad boys will stave off the dreaded manflu, so you’re not coughing under the mistletoe.

File:Ipomoea batatas 006.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

3. Salmon 

Hello there, omega-3 fatty acids, haven’t seen you in a while! Salmon is, arguably, the most delicious sea creature of all. For a country surrounded by water we don’t eat half enough fish. Omega 3 can stave off Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, and help out the old cholesterol. You don’t wanna die on the dance floor, do you?

spicy salmon tataki | Flickr - Photo Sharing!4. Garlic

It keeps away vampires…and potential suitors! So don’t go overboard with this antioxidant filled superfood. Did you know, it was used a performance enhancer back in the good old Grecian days of yore. So, go on, throw some garlic into ya’ and hit the treadmill.

Garlic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

5. Spinach

Popeye ate it, and he managed to pull Olive Oil ― the big ride! Pop into a sambo for lunch, steam a bunch for a healthy side dish at dinner time, or even munch on it as a snack. It’ll keep you’re skin, har and bones healthy ― no, not that bone!

File:Spinach leaves.jpg - Wikimedia Commons So there you have it. If you want to be party ready all winter long, pick up some of these healthy, handy and, not to mention, affordable superfoods; and you’ll be rocking into 2016. You can thank us later!