Ah the Irish summer, a time that we ashen-faced folk look forward to with a mix of gusto and trepidation.
There’s a great stretch on the evenings, fine drying weather, ice-cold beverages in the (hopefully) sunny beer-garden and of course, music festivals; we do love a good old knees-up in a field!

So far we’ve tasted Forbidden Fruit, got lost in the forest at Body & Soul, and Hozier had us falling in love with someone new (him), at Slane Castle.

If you haven’t yet made it to an Irish music festival, there are still plenty more where the former came from: Longitude (July 17th-19th), Knockanstockan (July 24th-25th), Castlepalooza (July 31st – August 2nd), and the big one, Electric Picnic (September 4-6), will all facilitate our – get wet, get mucky and have the craic – summertime needs.

Although the summer is half-over, there is still ample opportunity to catch some amazing acts. Florence and the Machine, Alt J, Hozier, Jape, O’ Emperor, Blur, Caribou, Interpol, and Basement Jaxx will be entertaining audiences over the next couple of months.

For anyone that has bagged tickets for the upcoming hooleys, we’ve put together the only guide you’ll ever need; an exhaustive compilation of “stuff” that will see you through, no matter what the weather. Our lovely readers have also made a few suggestions.

1. Tickets – You would be surprised by how many people forget these!
2. Money/wallet (Remember, not all fests have A.T.M machines)
3. I.D
4. A tent – your new home-from-home
5. Sleeping bag
6. Head torch
7. A blow-up mattress and a working pump
8. Clothes for each day including a hoodie/warm geansaí for the evenings
9. A decent pair of wellies or work boots
10. A rain jacket with a hood, just in-case
11. Thick socks and plenty of them (I brought seven pair to Body & Soul!)
12. Cheap sunglasses (Do not bring your favourite Ray Bans, you will regret it)
13. Toilet paper – pocket tissues are more compact than rolls
14. Baby wipes/wet wipes
15. Sun cream and after sun
16. Hand sanitizer
17. Toothbrush and toothpaste
18. Unperishable foods like cereal bars or protein-rich nuts
19. Condoms
20. Water – Stay well-hydrated
21. Dioralyte and over-the-counter pain killers
22. Bin bags – be a doll and clean up your camping site
23. Booze – All festivals have limits so check their respective websites for details

Readers Suggestions:

Carl Moore – “Space heater”
Melissa Maria Carton – “She wee”
Kiaya Papaya – “Morals!!!”
Aisling Daly – “More glitter”
Clarke Amy – “Definitely a she wee”
Aaron Killalea – “Dignity & music for the tent! Everyone’s phone goes after the first day. iPod, portable speakers and loads of batteries.”
Aidan Quinn – “Always bring a change of clothes in a waterproof bag & a rain coat/hooded poncho.”
Ian Finn – “Seeing as I was at Oxegen eight years ago, I’d have to say the thing that I would have left behind was Avril Lavigne. Wish I’d brough wellies though.”

A big thanks to our readers for their sage advice, especially Amy and Melissa for the “She-Wee” suggestion. If you feel like we’ve missed something feel free to comment below.