This evening, Irish music and culture website The Thin Air, retracted a review of St Vincent’s gig at The Iveagh Gardens, Dublin.

The piece, written by Des Traynor, was removed earlier this evening following a decision by the e-zine’s editorial team.

The Thin Air stated: “That decision was made to publish for a couple of reasons, principally with the sincere hope to create some kind of discussion about reviews of this sort and how they obviously conflict with the status quo and (as can only be apparent by our readership) our own editorial policy about these things. The aim wasn’t to “get a reaction”, but more to see something of a discussion amongst our readers, peers and others. Evidently, judging by the (altogether justifiably) aghast reaction on Twitter and elsewhere, that has proved to be the case. As such, we’ve steadily recognised and accepted that any grounds or hope for a positive discussion were misjudged and, as a result, we’ve decided to retract the piece. Having it on our website, even as a miscalculated attempt to create some constructive discourse, is not something we’re happy to stand by.”

The website’s team assure their loyal readers that full reviews of Annie Clarke’s Galway and Cork shows will be available in the “coming days.”