Who said theatre was only for the stage? Whoever did has a challenge on their hands from Galway-based performance art group, The Theatre Rooms.

This bunch of very talented amateur actors, writers, and directors come together for monthly performances…wait for it… in your living room! (Or in the Galway 2020 hub)

The grassroots initiative brings local talent together to collaborate on plays lasting between two-ten minutes each. It’s a free-for-all, so it could be anything from interpretative dance to monologue and they are constantly recruiting new talent to come along, join in and give it a go.

On Monday (10th), we had the good fortune of attending a showcase with a Galway theme in the office of the Galway 2020 team – based in the Cornstore on Middle Street in the heart of the city.

There were four plays for our viewing pleasure and surprisingly, some of the actors had never acted in front of a crowd in their lives, but you would have never noticed – such was their talent.

Play No.1: ‘Clo’

This hilarious sci-fi story featured three actors, based on the theme of the bridge between robot and human. Rib-tickling and slightly scary, the Galway-angle was an idea for a robot zoo starring Connemara ponies. Interesting!

Play No.2: ‘Guilty Pleasures’

This was our favourite. Set in rural Galway, this play was about an older lady confessing to the murder of the Galway Mayor. She also confessed to being a serial killer. Eventually, she ends up poisoning the misogynistic arresting officer. These three actors had us in stitches.

Play No.3: ‘Amateurs’

Amateurs told a story of forbidden lust and an overzealous play director who berates his actors in front of the audience. This also had a small sci-fi angle and was acted out brilliantly.

Play No.4: ‘Pumpkin’

Deriving its name from a word that an audience member had shouted out at a previous production, this was a dark and funny story about a widow living in the Claddagh, Galway City; it also chronicled her scummy neighbour, who was returning her cat (Pumpkin) that he’d knocked down accidentally on purpose. There was a great arc to this excellent piece of theatre, and again, the acting was second to none.

Check these guys out at www.thetheatreroom.weebly.com. They are constantly taking submissions from writers, actors, and directors so it’s very easy to get involved.