Let me Sleep

The New 52

Haven Records


A mere stripling at 22, Irish songwriter/musician Darragh Cullen already has two albums under his belt (his debut, The Finish Line, released when he was 15). Let Me Sleep looks set to join his debut and 2012’s follow-up, Whispers & Silent Screams, as an underrated collection of songs underpinned with a sure touch.

Overseen by experienced UK producer and songwriter Boo Hewerdine, and coming in at just over 30 minutes, this is a compact and resonant run-through of pop and rock that references the likes of The Bends-era Radiohead, The Beatles, Elliot Smith (and a few others you have also heard before).

Usually, raking across such familiar coals has a repetitive, self-defeating effect, but Cullen’s highly attuned pop/rock instincts (notably on Coming Home and Good Intentions) are unfailingly spot-on.


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