Everyone knows that Galway City was meticulously hand-crafted by the Gods and Goddesses of pure, unadulterated craic, right? Didn’t they do a fine job? Galway encompasses great people, mouth-watering cuisine, and amazing music; but did you know about the Galway Whiskey Trail? It’s a veritable motorway full of Jameson.

So where does this walk lead you? Well, obviously to an unavoidable hangover full of shame and regret, but while your sondering down this path of fermented enlightenment, it’s quite a good time, full of flavour, heritage and history.

The trail brings thirsty wanderers into some of the city’s finest establishments: you’ll swing by An Pucan, pop into O’Connell’s, and fall into Tigh Neachtains wondering why you drank so much God damn alcohol!

Ireland has a rich heritage of Whiskey production so why not sample it in the City of the Tribes?

For more info on Whiskey in Galway or to organise a talk or tour on the history of Whiskey, contact Galway Walking Tours at www.galwaytours.ie. Alternatively, you can head over to galwaywhiskeytrail.ie.