Scottish experimental rock ensemble The Eastern Swell started to turn heads in November of 2014 when their psych-Americana infused inaugural EP received a warm welcome from pundits and public alike. A year of tireless touring and fan-base building followed before they finally returned to the studio to begin work on their dynamic debut album, One Day, A Flood.

Arriving online on September 16th, the intriguing nine track undertaking opens with the ominous riff of “Rattling Bones”. This is succeeded by a solemn serenade which stirs the senses ahead of a quiet but characterful chorus. There’s an extremely atmospheric trait to the whole thing that keeps it compelling through to its delightfully dark denouement. “What’s Done Is Done” feels foreboding again then, maintaining a meditative mood amid mellow melodies and ambient music. The outcome is a mesmerising mixture of folk and rock which embeds itself deep in the mind and refuses to withdraw.

“1,000 Yard Stone” is another enchanting addition next that haunts with its hypnotic harmonies and eerie undertone. “Temples” tones things down when it’s done, showcasing an assortment of resonant refrains, affable riffs and spellbinding strings. “Muckish Mountain” remains reserved yet riveting in its wake, displaying an endearing duet atop affecting instrumentation.

“Too Little, Too Late” invigorates via vivifying vocals and graceful guitars afterwards until “Quick as a Whip” takes over to thrill with distorted guitars and spry singing. It all culminates in an exhilarating instrumental exhibition that acts as an appropriately pressing preface to the rapid rhythm established by “Dancing Zombie Blues”. This fantastically fast and fiery offering races rousingly in the direction of the discreet drumming and penetrating riffs which introduce “Run Down Country Palace”. A long and enlivening endeavour unfolds from here, ensuring the record is afforded a diverse finish.

The Eastern Swell have spawned a truly extraordinary assemblage of songs here, the subtle psychedelic style of which results in a refreshingly unique auditory experience. If you’re seeking some introspective music with a dramatic twist, then this is well-equipped to cure your craving. Check it out for yourself on iTunes now.

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