Nitelife’s Art & Culture writer in residence, Katie-Jane Queenan, is back from her holliers, and she’s been roadtesting a brand-new App which is ‘appsolutely’ fabulous!

I’m back from my holidays ya’ll, and ready to get stuck back into work and writing! Which is what I should have said near three weeks ago now. But I must admit, its been hard trying to shake those post-holiday blues – apart from dragging myself out of the bed every morning to scrape my way through another relentless day at work, just so someday I might know the joy of freedom once again – I’ve pretty much been just avoiding the reality altogether. But never without the faint whispering in the back of my mind, “Write something. Do some art. Do it, it makes you happy” and so finally, with this thought in mind (and the wish to progress in life) I thought, “KATIE, GET YOUR SH** TOGETHER!” The worst part of avoiding the real world for a while is that you completely lose touch with what’s happening out there, so with no clue of what’s new in the Art world, what do I write about for you lovely readers? So I said to myself, “Write about what you know”, but what do I know? And as I put Josè Gonzàlez to shuffle on Spotify it came to me…I put my tablet down and picked up my pen and notepad, because I have to tell you about this new app I’ve been using!

It’s called EyeEm, and it has become my new obsession! I don’t know where to start! This is a FREE photo-sharing mobile app. Yeah, I hear ya! Just another Instagram/Facebook hybrid….NO! Although it may show certain similarities, this is photo sharing for photography, and in my experience, more accessible, more equipped and more modern – offering so much more than its better known counterpart You can also share photos through your various social media accounts. 

The app offers its users the ability to take and edit photos using twenty-four filters and twelve frames, with lots of other editing tools which you then post straight to your own EyeEm account with tags, if you wish. This will then group the images into albums or keywords that result on streams of images.

Photographer: Andrea Habovchikova

The reason EyeEm appeals to me so much is the community it offers. Other than Facebook or other social media based on picture sharing, the EyeEm community boasts pictures with real photographic and artistic substance; although you might come across the odd profile with an overload of awkward, out-of-place selfies. The vast majority of this app is filled with artistically-based photography from professional, amateur and I’m guessing hobbiests like myself from all over the world who have captured some amazingly beautiful shots, that I for one have not tired of flicking through.

The EyeEm community works by connecting and following fellow photographers, allowing you the option to like their photographs and to leave a pleasant comment, if you wish. Did I mention the missions?

Yes, there is always a few different missions in motion and every few weeks or so a new one will appear. These missions offer you the opportunity to submit your picture into what I would describe as a competition, supplying you with a theme to follow, for example: ‘My Mo for Movember’. You can win an array of prizes, or maybe get the photo published and usually featured in an EyeEm Image Collection. Some of the prizes sound pretty nice too!

Image: Katie Jane Queenan

EyeEm also allows you the option of selling your pictures from the EyeEm market while staying in control of your copyright; this connects you with brands and media outlets worldwide! Although, there is a hefty 50% commission for every sale….it’s still nice to have the option right? 🙂 

Can you believe it, there’s more! The app offers advise, tips and news on photography which can be found on its home page.

So basically, as far as I can see, if you have even the slightest interest in photography, or are a well-renowned professional, this app has something for you! It has everything you could want from a photography app. 

And sure, if your tempted to check it out, feel free to have a gander at my profile @KatieQueenan, I could always do with more followers.

Feature Image Courtesy of Andrea Habovchikova