by Dylan Goodman

Swedish group The Amazing have returned to the limelight with an announcement for their next album with Partisan records, entitled “Ambulance”. Concurrently with this fantastic news, the band have released the title track from said album, via Spin.

The track “Ambulance”, which can be heard now, was heavily praised by Spin. They captured it’s gentle and ethereal nature very well when they described it so: “echoing harmonies, endlessly ringing guitars, and pillowy-but-sturdy drums, while throwing in some weeping mellotron to the mix for extra heartstring-pulling. The song’s undertow is incredible, as gently overwhelming as a pit of quicksand.”

The album “Ambulance”, which is set for release in the UK on the 5th of August, will be slow and mysterious, without traditional verse/chorus structures. “An ambulance picks up the wounded,”  says lead singer Christoffer Gunrup of the album, “It does not mean “ambulance” in common sense. Everybody needs a bit of “ambulance” now and then.”

The Amazing came together a few years after Gunrup’s former group, Granada, broke up and he asked Dungen’s guitarist and former drummer (Reine Fiske and Fredrik Björling) to join him onstage. After a few personal shifts, the line-up settled down with Fiske on guitar; Fredrik Swahn on guitar and keys; bass player Alexis Benson and drummer Moussa Fadera. The band have since released four records to critical acclaim and garnered a loyal following, landing them on Letterman and on a world tour with Tame Impala.