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Four-Week Challenge: Going Vegan Pt. 4

1 February 2016

Greetings! Welcome to the fourth and final installment of my vegan for one month challenge; (Sidenote: how is it February already???) This last week was fairly dull to be quite honest. I didn’t make any new dishes, and just stuck to other meals I have made during the month. I suppose you can’t cook something […]

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Four Week Challenge: Going Vegan – Part 2

18 January 2016

Welcome to week two of my vegan for a month challenge. The week, my unstoppable sweet tooth almost destroyed me. It was Sunday night. After a long week of work, I was relaxing on the sofa, watching (you already know) Making a Murderer. I had eaten a good, vegan meal for dinner, and I was […]

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The 4-Week Challenge: Going Vegan

11 January 2016

by Clare Mullaniff I am one for New Year’s resolutions. I like rounded, even resolutions like reading 52 books in the year or listening to 52 new albums in the year (both I completed). So this year I wanted something just as neat, but a little bit more challenging, yet beneficial in some way. I […]

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