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Thin Lizzy

In Interview: Gary O’Neill

13 June 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did you get into music? It’s always been around. Whether my Dad was spinning Thin Lizzy in the car or my mother lamenting 80’s pop anthems – it’s always been around. I guess I must have started playing when I was around 12, and it just developed from there. Who […]

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In Review: Band of Friends @ Monroe’s Live

5 June 2016

by James Fleming Rory Gallagher was always a cult figure, rather than a multi-platinum selling pop star. He preferred to be true to his fans and himself rather than be on the cover of Rolling Stone or to outsell Marc Bolan. And, as with all cult figures, he’s intensely beloved by his fans. For all […]

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In Interview: Rebuilder

1 June 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did the band form? We formed in 2013. A bunch of us had played in a band called Dead Ellington prior. We had a small line up change, different songs, and started Rebuilder. Where did your name “Rebuilder” originate from? In our former band, we had a record called […]

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In Review: D-Day S/T

29 May 2016

by James Fleming When you listen to the Ramones, you can hear the sixties’ garage rock and the girl-group pop. But it doesn’t sound like either. It just sounds like the Ramones. Or when you listen to Captain Beefheart. You can here Howlin’ Wolf’s blues and Coltrane’s free jazz. But, again, it doesn’t sound like […]

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