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The Pogues

In Review: Cúla Búla ‘Is It?’

29 June 2016

by Danielle Holian Cúla Búla is the Irish language term for “cool”. It is also the name of a seven-piece Irish trad-rock band based in Galway. They have quickly become regulars on the streets, charming the crowds across Ireland as well as keeping the night lively when playing in bars with their high energy. And […]

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In Review: Greenland Whalefishers’ ‘The Thirsty Cave’

16 June 2016

by James Fleming Live, Greenland Whalefishers are gritty as a Tarantino film: howling and thrashing their way through a set that puts most other folk-punk bands to shame. Their half hour at Fibber Magees last Saturday night (read the review here) flew by in a maelstrom of raw vocals, juxtaposed with a band of folk […]

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In Interview: The Wakes

28 May 2016

by Danielle Holian What is the story behind The Wakes? The Wakes are a Folk and Roll band playing protest and political songs around a number of different themes. We started out playing covers with one or two original songs in between. Our name comes from the idea of a funeral wake which is where many […]

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In Interview: DavesRadio

21 May 2016

by Danielle Holian What is the meaning behind DavesRadio? The meaning behind DavesRadio is 4 friends from different backgrounds and influences coming together to create something special, something we believe to be special anyway. Where did you get the idea to start a band? Well, I think anyone growing up who takes an interest in music, […]

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