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Ted McKenna

In Interview: Band of Friends

10 June 2016

by James Fleming Risky business; taking on a legacy as beloved as Rory Gallagher’s. Countless tribute bands have tried, and pub bands the world over stumble through the likes of ‘Bullfrog Blues,’ usually to no avail. But, this is no ordinary tribute band. This is a celebration of Rory’s music. This is Band of Friends, […]

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In Review: Band of Friends @ Monroe’s Live

5 June 2016

by James Fleming Rory Gallagher was always a cult figure, rather than a multi-platinum selling pop star. He preferred to be true to his fans and himself rather than be on the cover of Rolling Stone or to outsell Marc Bolan. And, as with all cult figures, he’s intensely beloved by his fans. For all […]

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