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Rolling Stone

In Review: Shawn Mendes ‘Treat You Better’

18 July 2016

by Danielle Holian Canada’s sweetheart, also known as a teen heartthrob, Shawn Mendes, has just released his new single “Treat You better” from his upcoming sophomore album “Illuminate”. In the music video of TYB, his object of affection is shown suffering from an abusive relationship, and so forth the storyline plays Mendes trying to end […]

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The Soundtrack: How Does It Feel?

14 June 2016

“How does it feel, how does it feel? To be on your own, with no direction home, A complete unknown, like a rolling stone” Bob Dylan-‘Like A Rolling Stone’ by James Fleming To paraphrase: how would it feel? If Mr. Dylan hadn’t gone down a rock n’ roll route for this song? If he had stuck with […]

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In Interview: Band of Friends

10 June 2016

by James Fleming Risky business; taking on a legacy as beloved as Rory Gallagher’s. Countless tribute bands have tried, and pub bands the world over stumble through the likes of ‘Bullfrog Blues,’ usually to no avail. But, this is no ordinary tribute band. This is a celebration of Rory’s music. This is Band of Friends, […]

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Sinead O’Connor Reacts to Rolling Stone’s Kim Kardashian Cover

15 July 2015

Music has been unceremoniously murdered according to Sinead O’Connor. The provocative singer, who sometimes gets more headlines for her outspoken musings than her music, declared disgust after Kim Kardashian’s Rolling Stone cover. The [other] Take me to Church singer took to Facebook stating: “What is this c*** doing on the cover of Rolling Stone? Music […]

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