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No Sleep

Twin Atlantic Release ‘No Sleep’

18 June 2016

by Danielle Holian Brand new hot single, “No Sleep” from Twin Atlantic, is available from Red Bull Records. Their new 12-track album ‘GLA’ will be released on September 9th. “This is where we come from. It’s laced in our blood not to mention our art and vision. It’s bold. It’s in our voice. It’s time to […]

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Grieving – No Sleep – Unapologetic guitar driven Indie-punk

9 April 2016

by Joe McNulty Cambridge  Indie- Punk  newcomers  “Grieving”,  deliver  a  raw  and  unapologetic  guitar  driven  power  punk  track  in  “No  Sleep”,  that  is  bursting  with  the  energy  and  fluid  guitar  progression  that  you’d  expect  from  a  band  of  their  calling.  Their  name  would  suggest  a  much  darker  translation  to  their  music.  But,  from  the  first  note,  you’re  confronted  with  […]

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