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In Review: NARCS’ ‘A Thinking Animal’

13 July 2016

by James Fleming A line has been crossed. People are angry, pissed off, enraged. Greed and lies got very few people very far. And us mere mortals were left far behind, wondering just what the fuck had happened. Or not, even scarier… A line has been crossed. A sonic barrier is being broken down, brick […]

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In Review: NARCS’ ‘Empathy The Dog’

11 July 2016

by James Fleming Noise is an art. There’s a fine line between incoherency and excitement, genius and genuine lunacy. There are a great deal many fools trying to pass their noise off as “art,” and more still succeeding. Very few actually manage to combine that oft-sought white-noise barrage with substance. NARCS are one such band. […]

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NARCS Share ‘A Thinking Animal’ Via Clash

6 July 2016

by Danielle Holian Leeds based indie art-rock quartet, NARCS, share new album ‘A Thinking Animal’ in full via CLASH, due out 8th July via Clue Records . The band spoke about their new album, “‘A Thinking Animal’. The title isn’t in any way suggesting we’re on some sort of higher cerebral level – far from it, […]

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NARCS Share ‘Empathy The Dog’ Via New Noise Magazine

30 June 2016

by Danielle Holian NARCS share ‘Empathy The Dog’ via New Noise Magazine. Their new album ‘A Thinking Animal’ is out July 8th via Clue Records. Praise for NARCS “NARCS wiry and brash rock and roll is fuelled by equal parts frustration, resentment & a general desire to make a lot of noise” – Drowned in Sound […]

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NARCS Share ‘Bullingdon Boys’ Video

20 June 2016

by Dylan Goodman NARCS, an indie-punk quartet from Leeds, have released a music video for their single “Bullingdon Boys”, a track which featured here on Nitelife before. NARCS new album “A Thinking Animal” is out on July 8th via Clue Records. NARCS have been met with praise by an abundance of magazines and reviewers, having been […]

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NARCS Release New Single ‘Bullingdon Boys’

28 May 2016

by Dylan Goodman Leeds alt-rock quartet NARCS have released their newest single, “Bullingdon Boys”, an intense and venomous song directed at a whole number of problems the band have with current affairs. Guitarist Joe spoke to Upset, who premiered the single, about it: “It’s pretty much aiming and firing on all targets at once. The title […]

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