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What The Hell Is Going On, Why Are Musicians Dropping Like Flies?!

26 April 2016

by Joe McNulty Scrolling  through  my  Facebook  homepage  last  night  I  came  across  an  article  on  Vice  with  a  picture  of  Prince  and  the  headline  “Dear  2016,  Fuck  You.”  It  instantly  caught  my  attention,  and  I  thought  to  myself , “you  took  the  words  out  of  my  mouth,” this  should  be  an  interesting  read.  Sadly  there  […]

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10 Best Louie Louie Covers

12 April 2016

by Dylan Goodman Yesterday was April the 11th, the birthday of American songwriter Richard Berry, and a day of celebration for his most famous creation; “Louie Louie”. Since it was written by Berry in 1955 and covered by the Kingsmen in ‘63, it has become a rock standard and one of the most covered songs in […]

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Friends and Fans Pay Tribute to Lemmy

29 December 2015

Just days after his shock diagnoses with an “aggressive cancer”, Motorhead frontman, Lemmy, has passed away aged 70. The death of the rock royal, who discovered the illness on Sunday, has caused an outpouring of sympathy from celebrity friends and fans alike. Lemmy, you are one of the primary reasons this band exists. We're forever grateful […]

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