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James Fleming

The Soundtrack: The Best of The Box 1

28 June 2016

by James Fleming 2016. A box arrives with an uncle. Maybe 70 CDs inside. Some long out of print, some so obscure that even this well-versed writer has never heard of them. This is entry one of The Best of The Box 1966-1971. To this day, it’s heralded as a sort of renaissance-era for popular […]

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The Soundtrack: Banal and Mediocre

21 June 2016

by James Fleming People have always liked what’s bad for them: excess, junk food, heroin. It tastes better and feels better and it’s all presented in a more immediately satisfying package. “Banal and Mediocre.” That’s what Bill Hicks called it. This package is brightly coloured and catchier than the plague, it comes pre-packed in under […]

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Live Review: We Banjo 3 @ Monroe’s Galway

16 January 2016

‘Twas a baltic January night in Galway city, but the faithful came out in their droves to scope out the talent at Monroe’s Live, Dominick Street. Two sets of brothers, Scahill and Howley, were gearing up to play the finest set of tunes to be heard in town that Thursday evening, as 4 Men and A […]

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HOT TICKET: What’s on this weekend?

16 January 2016

Tonight (Saturday, 16th), Bagatelle are bringing over three decades worth of hits – Leeson Street Lady, Second Violin and Summer in Dublin – to the stage at Monroe’s Live, Galway. A trip down memory lane for some, and for others, a chance to see one of the great Irish bands for the first time; it’s […]

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In Review: Aofie Leigh

16 December 2015

by James Fleming There is a school of thought that says the past decade hasn’t produced any truly revolutionary bands; that the last of the guitar heroes died with Kurt Cobain; that our old heroes are treading water in a sea of nostalgia, playing the county fair and casino circuits in the U.S.A; and to […]

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In Review: KONGOS

8 December 2015

Reviewed by James Fleming  The true test of a band’s artistic prowess lies in their stripped-down, raw musicality. Some bands have proved they’re not one-trick ponies by playing, recording and releasing ‘unplugged’ concerts (Nirvana, Alice in Chains), while others just missed the jump, landing flat on their faces (Bryan Adams) – others arrived halfway between […]

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