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Global Beats

Jade’s Global Beats: La musique du france

14 August 2015

This week, our roving reporter, Jade, caught up with the lovely Sophie Babaz from France, about her musical tastes, what inspires her, and what’s currently going on in French music. I was sitting in a quaint Café in Bali last weekend, and a traveller was playing guitar quietly at one of the tables. Sophie walked […]

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Jade’s Global Beats

8 August 2015

This week, Nitelife’s roving reporter, Jade Milburn, landed in the tropical paradise of Bali, Indonesia. Who has she discovered for the latest installment of Global Beats? Of all the places that I have been lucky enough to visit, Bali is truly a picture-perfect place; a lush green and gold tropical paradise, and because of this, […]

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Jade’s Global Beats – India’s Darlings of Bollywood

31 July 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome our newest member of the Nitelife ensemble, the effervescent Ms Jade Milburn. Every week, this wandering minstrel will be bringing you the hottest tunes from the four corners of the earth. She will be discussing global sounds, analysing innovative musical trends, presenting new bands and musicians, and if […]

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