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The Nitelife Favourites 2016 (Part One)

13 December 2016

We’re feeling just a tad reminiscent here at Nitelife HQ with thoughts of gone-but-not-forgotten festivals and parties filling our minds. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year when we begin to gorge on any sugar-laden surprises available in Memmeh’s presses; we dash around, last minute, through snowy streets picking up Christmas jumpers for […]

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Get Ready For Monroes’ Mega Christmas Weekender!

12 December 2016

The award-winning live music and craic aficionados over in Monroe’s Galway are throwing some awesome Christmas parties this year. Don’t miss out, make sure to book your party for the Monroe’s Mega Christmas Party Weekender! Monroe’s is the only place to be this year for your Christmas party; catering for groups of all sizes, there […]

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In Interview: Cormac Lee

30 June 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did you get into music? Well, I’ve always sung to myself from a young age, be it in the car, the shower, my own room or just out and about the countryside. When I reached primary school there were school choirs where I did have my fair few mess ups […]

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In Review: Galway Street Club @ Rock The Docks

26 June 2016

by James Fleming and Danielle Holian “We are Galway Street Club and this what we do for fun!” And so began GSC’s 40 minute set at Rock the Docks last Friday evening. A right motley crew of 14 musicians left barely enough room onstage to swing a cat, but they swing and sing and shout […]

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In Interview: Galway Street Club

20 June 2016

by James Fleming Galway is a very cool city. Populated by just over 75,000 people, it’s amazing just how many artists, musicians, writers and various other interesting and bohemian people it attracts. The other thing that makes Galway so cool, is how open it is. Gay pride parades are a regular occurrence, different protests and […]

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In Review: Postmodern Jukebox @ Seapoint Ballroom

29 February 2016

It started with a beat, a beat that said, “shit’s about to go down”. Sexy and dangerous, like the intro to Sympathy for the Devil, or, more appropriately, Benny Goodman’s Sing Sing Sing. The second those sticks hit the skins you knew it was gonna be a wild night. The crowd was dressed to kill, […]

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Top 5 Spots to Grab a Guinness in Galway

7 February 2016

When drinking Guinness, you need atmosphere. That authentic Irish vibe the ‘yankees’ come looking for. There are certain places one can go for this “vibe”, and the best place one can start looking is the pub. This might seem like an obvious statement, but think about it for a second. The appropriate atmosphere for enjoying […]

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Hot Ticket: What’s on this weekend?

5 February 2016

If a bit of classical tickles your fancy, head over to the National Concert Hall, February 5th and 6th to catch some of Stravinsky’s finest works performed by musicians as skilled and varied as The RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and the RIAM Ensemble. Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, who shuffled off this mortal coil in 1971, left […]

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In a Blaze of Colour: Jin Yong Interview

18 January 2016

Jin Yong was already in the café when entered, ten minutes before the interview was due to start. It’s a freezing-cold January day in Galway City and the café is refreshingly warm. Jin is seated by himself in the centre of the room, a coffee and a slice of cake on the polished table […]

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HOT TICKET: What’s on this weekend?

16 January 2016

Tonight (Saturday, 16th), Bagatelle are bringing over three decades worth of hits – Leeson Street Lady, Second Violin and Summer in Dublin – to the stage at Monroe’s Live, Galway. A trip down memory lane for some, and for others, a chance to see one of the great Irish bands for the first time; it’s […]

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