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GAlway PLayer

Galway Player Defends ‘Ugliest Men in the World’

27 January 2016

In a bold move today, writer and Irish dating guru, The Galway Player, defended his Irish brethren, after named us as the Ugliest in the World! Feckers! Mr Player took to his Facebook account to pen the open letter: “Dear Beautiful I regret to inform you that I am withdrawing from your website. Whist […]

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Perfect Gaf/Perfect Girlfriend

22 January 2016

There are certain rites of passage that we all must endure – often they can be the making of a person, teaching valuable lessons – like the first time you get caught in bed with your girlfriend’s best friend, or looking for a place to live, they can be draining, upsetting, yet educational experiences. Recently, […]

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Breaking Up With Social Media

16 January 2016

by Galway Player Welcome to the wonderful world of the Galway Player, Ireland’s top male dating expert. I’m here to tell it like it is, because as we all know women love an honest man. I’ll share my expertise and impart my wisdom, using my observations and knowledge to educate and empower the males of […]

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