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2 June 2016

'Phosphene' Continue reading… Read full post here

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64 People Share The Most Awkward, Random, And Hilarious Things They’ve Ever Heard In Bed

29 May 2016

marcobertoliphotography / 1. “Where can I put my water” I realized after he asked it the second time that he meant cum and had to contain my laughter. 2. I once had someone refer to condoms as Gatorade. Guy: You want a gatorade? Me: No thanks, I’m good. Guy: Are you suuuuure you don’t […]

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This Is How I Feel When I Wait For Your Call

25 May 2016

antsi98 I’m waiting for your phone call and I feel like it’s never going to come. Apart of me is at peace with the fact that with every passing minute, every quiet moment I realize slowly that I was never on your mind today. I convince myself there’s a legitimate reason why you haven’t called yet. […]

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How well do you know the history of Movement Detroit?

21 May 2016

Detroit born and bred Movement is now less than three weeks out from its milestone 10 year anniversary event. The techno-centric festival returns to the legendary Hart Plaza over Memorial Day weekend, bringing with it an elite class of DJs, producers and prominent live acts such as Kraftwerk, Modeselektor and more. Movement has come a […]

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I Moved On Because I Wanted To Be Happy

17 May 2016

Jessica Polar Hours, days, weeks, months…of being sulky has used up my energy. It has made me so resentful that I can no longer look at the good things about everything. My mood swings became so frequent that the people around me became at risk of creating good memories with me. All that made up […]

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33 Important Reminders For All You College Grads As You Embark On This Next Chapter

9 May 2016

phiasinclair 1. You’re not the only one who’s scared about this. Big change is a lot like reaching the top of a roller coaster. It’s exciting and you’re full of adrenaline, but it can be downright frightening to not know what’s about to happen next. 2. Being nervous about something means you care about it. […]

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25 Real Two-Sentence Sex Stories That Will Make You Really Horny (Part II)

5 May 2016

Read the first installment of beautifully brief, arousing anecdotes here Photo by 1. “She was a waitress at a fancy event I went to, a sultry sex goddess who leaned in casually and whispered, ‘Fuck me from behind and come on my back.’ Two hours later, I did just that.” 2. “I pushed him […]

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10 DJs you should check at Glasto's dance arena this year

1 May 2016

The line-up for Glastonbury’s dance arena dropped this week. Silver Hayes boasts a number of stages, from impressive rave tent WOW to Mungo’s HiFi-powered hang out The Gully, and is the part of the festival where you can go full rampage to house, techno and, to use a catch-all term, bass music. If you’re into […]

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Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s

23 April 2016

Metal Taste and Bajo La Luna Continue reading… Read full post here

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When You Tell Me You’re Not Ready To Settle Down, I See It As A Challenge

19 April 2016

Joel Sossa I want you to know that when you tell me you aren’t ready to settle down, I take it as a challenge. Because I see how you look at me. I see how sometimes you just have to touch me. I see how we always seem to have deep conversations when we stand […]

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