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In Review: D-Day S/T

29 May 2016

by James Fleming When you listen to the Ramones, you can hear the sixties’ garage rock and the girl-group pop. But it doesn’t sound like either. It just sounds like the Ramones. Or when you listen to Captain Beefheart. You can here Howlin’ Wolf’s blues and Coltrane’s free jazz. But, again, it doesn’t sound like […]

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Artist of the Week: D-Day

14 December 2015

by James Fleming It’s impossible to pigeonhole D-Day. They’ve got indie melodies, alternative originality and rock n’ roll balls. Taking their cues from late 60’s early 70’s rock and the stadium anthems of U2 and The Killers, they’re all set to become Galway’s answer to Thin Lizzy. Never sacrificing the energy that powers their music […]

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