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Bob Dylan

In Interview: Gaz Bailey

16 June 2016

by Danielle Holian Gaz Bailey is a singer/songwriter from Lancashire and started playing music when he was seven years old. He was surprised when he was able to pick up notes quickly; from playing piano in the early days at his Nan’s house, this greatly benefited him.Bailey was raised by a “family of singers,” continuing […]

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The Soundtrack: How Does It Feel?

14 June 2016

“How does it feel, how does it feel? To be on your own, with no direction home, A complete unknown, like a rolling stone” Bob Dylan-‘Like A Rolling Stone’ by James Fleming To paraphrase: how would it feel? If Mr. Dylan hadn’t gone down a rock n’ roll route for this song? If he had stuck with […]

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1955 Share ‘How’d You Come Here?’

28 May 2016

by Danielle Holian 1955 premiered their latest track ‘How’d You Come Here?’ on CLASH. CLASH have said “The band’s taut, snappy songwriting recalls those early Strokes cuts, or even power pop kingpins such as Cheap Trick. Three minute pop songs delivered with style and attitude, their off kilter wit has a David Lynch influence to it.” […]

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One-2-Watch: Dylan Murphy

12 January 2016

What’s the name? Dylan Murphy Where’s he from? “As a knee-jerk reaction I say I’m from Galway because I’ve lived there on-and-off for the last 7 years but I grew up in Limerick city. People smile when they hear you’re from Galway and I kinda got tired of adding ‘for my sins’ after saying Limerick, which […]

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Arthur O’ Dea on Bob Dylan

30 July 2015

Something a little bit different on Nitelife today with our newest wordsmith, Arthur O’Dea. O’ Dea is currently undertaking a doctoral study on the subject of lateness/late style in the work of industry icon Bob Dylan. Lateness itself possesses a peculiar economy. Broadly speaking, late style is representative of an artist stepping out of kilter […]

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