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In Interview: Boom Child

1 July 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did you get into music? And when did the band start? The actual origin of our Three-Headed Rock band is unclear, we awoke sometime in 2013 with no previous memories. We found ourselves upon Ireland’s generational scrapheap which was made up of mass unemployment, emigration, depression, anxiety and neoliberal hangovers. […]

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In Interview: Overhead, The Albatross

29 June 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did the band get into music? I’ve seen enough pictures of the lads with angelic faces playing guitars or drums in their houses as kids to think we all got into music young but I’m not sure, we’ve never really spoken about it much. I used to bang on the […]

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In Interview: Harbouring Oceans

27 June 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did the band begin? Harbouring Oceans was born in December 2015. We’re all close friends and have been playing music together in different groups for years, but recently resolved to dedicate ourselves fully to putting everything we have into a band and to pursuing a career in music. It’s amazing […]

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In Interview: Default Man

2 June 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did you get into music? As a child, I learned how to play tin whistle in school and then moved on to singing in the choir. At age 13 my aunt gave me a guitar and from there I tried to learn from my musical heroes. I bought a Tascam […]

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The Hotelier Stream New Album ‘Goodness’

30 May 2016

by Danielle Holian The Hotelier stream their new album ‘Goodness’ ahead of its official release on June 27th 2016 via Tiny Engines. Pre-orders of ‘Goodness’ can be downloaded available through the Tiny Engines and Bandcamp. The album was streamed through Stereogum which included a Cover Story along with a brief history of their third full-length album […]

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In Interview: Afterlife To Ashes

26 May 2016

by Danielle Holian The band consists of Shaye Sin (vocals) Sean Keogh (Guitar) Conor McCloskey (Bass) Paul Gleeson (drums) How and when did the band form? It all started when Sean the guitarist and Paul the drummer decided to create a band at any cost. Nothing would stop us. Over time members came and left […]

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Walleater’s New Single ‘Can You Feel My Love?’

4 May 2016

by Patricia Langshova Walleater consists of four members; Rob Dell, Lyndarn Harrison, Liam Hemingway and Jack Muncaster. This band from Leeds, England released their first album I/II in the summer of 2015 and can be found on Itunes, Bandcamp and Spotify. Now they return with a new Digital 45 that will feature two new songs; ‘Can […]

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