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Georgia Ruth Returns With New Track And Album

14 July 2016

by Danielle Holian Georgia Ruth returns with a new track ‘The Doldrums’ and a brand new album ‘Fossil Scale’, which will be released on October 7th via Navigator Records. The Welsh Music Prize winner talks about her latest track, “The Doldrums was one of the first songs I wrote for the album. I’d just moved to […]

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In Interview: The Lunchbox Surrender

6 June 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did the band start? M: We started the project in June 2015. Bettina and I perform together in an Alternative Rockband called TWENTYONES and we thought about doing something completely different than guitar based music, so we said let’s give it a try for our shared love of electronic music. […]

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In Interview: Dream Awake

6 June 2016

by Danielle Holian Where did the band’s name “Dream Awake” originate from? The name originates partly from the song title by an influential Australian band called Northlane, but mainly around the meaning of the name and our goals as a band. We hope to live our dream of being a band through music. We want to […]

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In Interview: Architects of Grace

1 June 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did the band start? Architects Of Grace started as a solo project of mine that then grew into a fully fledge band by the time we did shows to promote the debut album, Moments In Time, back in 2011. Then by 2012 things had sadly imploded.  I was back […]

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In Interview: Tristan Omand

31 May 2016

by Danielle Holian How and when did you get into music? It began as a general fascination with sound, and a determination somewhere deep inside that told me that I was a guitar player. I began playing at age nine and have never stopped. Who or what are your influences? Hank Williams, John Prine, Tom Waits, Dylan, […]

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