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Aisling Daly

5 Things to do when the weather is shit

5 December 2015

Well hello there Storm Desmond! He reared his ugly head of a late Friday afternoon and despite Met Eireann forewarning us of his inevitable destruction, most of us completely ignored them. Spouting phrases like “Sure, they’re naming every storm now” and “The storms back in my day were much worse”! Oh how wrong we were. Now […]

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Green Earth Organics: Healthy Eating Delivered

3 December 2015

Anyone that knows me will know that I’ve been on a bit of a mad, healthy nutrition craze the last few weeks. I decided to see if I had any food allergies by eliminating sugar, dairy and wheat from my diet, and then re-introducing them slowly one by one. (Dairy is the culprit btw). I’ve […]

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Ash’s Top 5 Tips for Savage Skin

1 December 2015

No one wants to look like a cretin at Christmas, and we all know that the winter weather can take a serious toll on our complexions. At this time of year, we tend to overeat, we drink too much, we’re traipsing around in the cold and wind, frantically searching out the perfect Christmas pressies for […]

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Nitelife’s One-2-Watch: Eoin Martin

11 August 2015

What’s the name? Eoin Martin Where’s he from? Tullamore, Co. Offaly Who does he sound like? Ben Howard, Newton Faulkner Where does he see himself in three years? “I’d like to see myself more established around the Dublin music scene, as well as outside of Dublin. Next year I will be releasing my new E.P […]

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Do Ya’ Like Good Music?

8 July 2015

Do ya like good music? is a brand-new feature here on Nitelife. Each week, we’ll be chatting to an industry insider about some of their favourite tunes, venues and musical sensibilities. It could be a music promoter, a D.J, or even a very well-known face! Whoever it may be, we’ll be getting the inside scoop […]

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