A London singer-songwriter is inviting listeners to create their own take on his debut album with a groundbreaking iPad app that he has devised. Robert Szymanek’s Crowded Planet is a new kind of digital musical instrument, an app that allows users to remix and perform music from his forthcoming album Music from a Crowded Planet. Robert will be using the app himself to perform songs from the album at the Apple Store, Covent Garden on
October 15. But consumers can already download the new technology from the Apple App Store and create their own interpretation of the tracks, breaking down the barriers between artist and audience.

Crowded Planet is a collaboration between Robert and app developer Matthew Hasler. Two years in the making, the app uses Robert’s own detailed artwork of the Earth, formed from more than 5,000 colourful circles. Users can choose from ten landscapes, one for every song on the album. Each landscape contains hundreds of different sounds and loops to play with, all embedded in the circles. The app’s unique programming means the sounds can be layered together in any combination, allowing the music to be re-imagined with infinite variety.

Robert’s intention was to make the creative process accessible to audiences like never before. He explains: “I liked the idea of people having the same creative control that I have when I’m performing on stage. There isn’t a right or wrong way to play the music – anything is possible. It’s really interesting for me to watch people playing with the app
without showing them what I would do. They’re like kids in a sweet shop.”

For his own performances, Robert sings and plays his songs using the app, simultaneously screening a live image of from his iPad to demonstrate what the process involves. Crowded Planet was launched in July at a special concert backed by musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra, who offered their support after seeing an early
prototype of the technology. More shows have been scheduled for the autumn, starting at London’s Apple Store, Covent Garden, followed by the Courtyard Theatre in Shoreditch in November. The first single from the album, Lifted-Up-Over-Sounding, is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Via PR Newswire