So you’re looking for your very first job in sales? Look no further, we have your dream job, here at Smarketing Cloud!

You’ve never heard of Smarketing Cloud before? That’s sad, but not unexpected. After all, you’re literally just out of University so we’ll forgive you:-) We at Smarketing Cloud have a vision to help the world to “Work Smarter, Live Happier”. This isn’t as fluffy as it sounds, it’s central to why Smarketing Cloud came into being and what we build every part of our business around this from product to process to people.

So what do we actually do? We bring best practice marketing solutions to the world’s professionals in some of the best known companies, in real time through our online digital marketing platform to help them to work smarter and be more productive. That help?

Let me elaborate a little! Smarketing Cloud provides professionals with access to an online marketing cloud that contains world class tools to help “Smart Marketers” to become better and more efficient at their jobs. Within the platform we also provide software tools, Machine Learning and analytics.


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