Young and sassy, Nina Amelio began her music career in 2013 when she released her first E.P, Spell and Reflection, with four relaxed, pop-tinted, bluesy tracks. The Canadian singer has been mentored by award-winning jazz singer Cheryl Hodge, and has appeared on various radio shows, at events, and festivals around Canada. Her first album paved a foundation for small-time popularity, with some nice beats and solid songs. Not a bad first attempt, by any means, but not enough to catapult a young singer into the international spectrum.

Her latest single seems to be starting something bigger for Nina. Who Do You Think You Are, released in March 2015, placed her in the Top 10 for the regional finals for CBC’s Searchlight Competition. Local Canadian radios, Times Radio One and Juice FM picked the single up in April 2015, and helped spread the sound around. The message of the song is its selling point, as the song is about empowerment in the face of bullying and abuse. The actual song itself isn’t amazing; the opening is very pop, and almost girl’s aloud-ish, leading into strong synth beats and heavily produced vocals. The music is typical 4/4 timing and doesn’t offer anything ground-breaking. It’s music made for radio airplay and pop fans, put it that way, which is fine if that’s the audience you wish to attract. Music for the masses, so to speak! The lyrics are the most important thing here, they are empowering and encouraging; any listener can relate to them. “The little girl who played with dolls is all grown up, I’m breaking balls/ Living in a world of fools” is a fantastic line. Nina’s message under the song on her Bandcamp is sweet, and shows her connection with her fans: “If you have ever been bullied or abused mentally please listen. Its your turn to do the talking. Remember you’re the star!”. Who Do You Think You Are is an okay song, musically speaking, but with a killer message. I would love to hear this with a real drum kit, and an acoustic guitar.

Nina is currently working to produce new music with songwriter/producer Mark Zubek, owner and founder of Zedd Records, a record label based out of Toronto. Currently, she is a young girl who is not afraid to stand up for others, with some good tracks under her belt, but I think her voice has a lot more to offer. Only time will tell!

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