Other than gently guiding you down a path of enlightenment and giving you killer abs, yoga can take you to ‘The Big O’ just as quick. If you need an excuse to drag out that dusty mat, let it be your waning sex life and, possibly, inactive libido!

1.  Get Bendy

Increased flexibility has always drawn newbies to the practice of yoga. Think what kind of fun you could have with your new-found bend-ability.

Steph Auteri from thedatereport says: “When I first started yoga I couldn’t touch my noes in a forward fold. Now, when I’m in bed, I can hug my leg to my chest and kiss my thigh.” Acro-shagging…why not!

2. Strength 

Let’s face it, sex can be tiring, sometimes! Ever get the arm-wobbles mid thrust, or run out of breath at the wrong time? A regular vinyasa or astanga practice increases upper body strength, exponentially. No more wobbles.

3. Body Confidence

Feeling shitty about yourself? It happens. Sometimes, when you’re out of shape, let’s say after a Christmas binge, body confidence can take a big fat nosedive into a ravine of fat-shaming. Not very conducive to bedroom activity. Yoga strengthens and tones every part of the physique, to no end. Hot body, hot sex!

4. Energy Cleanup

Negativity and stress can lead to stagnant, blocked energy in the subtle body. Sexual energy is held in the Muladhara (root chakra) and Swadhistana (sacral chakra). An old-fashioned downward dog or dolphin pose can clear out obstructed energy and have you fighting fit, once again.

Now grab your mat and go to bed!