It’s a well-known fact that we love you (our readers). We adore you even more when you guys send us in comments, reviews and snaps from gigs, events, and festivities. This afternoon, Dublin-based Nitelife lover David Fortune delivered some of his pictures, captured during day 3 of the Longitude Festival.

Image: David Fortune

Throughout day 3 of the Marlay Park fiesta, revelers prostrated before some truly honoured musical guests from at-home and across the pond: Jose Gonzalez with his signature classical guitar and melt-in-the-mouth-vocals, Dublin’s indie-rock Spies, Everything Everything evoking energy with a needed dose of electro-pop; and of course, the one they were waiting for, Chemical Brothers.

So what was the verdict from the crowd?

Fortune told Nitelife: “The highlights for me were Wolf-Alice and Everything Everything. But, The Chemical Brothers blew every gig I’ve seen this year out of the water. Their light and laser effects were outstanding. I mean, a giant robot shooting lasers from his eyes out into the crowd – what’s not to like? Claire Beck (TXFM) said it left their Glastonbury gig in its wake (fine praise indeed)”

Sounds like a fine time alright. A big gracias to David for sharing his Longitude experience and images. Check out the full gallery on Eye-Candy.

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