In what has to be some of the most ludicrous news we’ve seen in a while, police in Queensland, Australia look set to be able to breathalyse people in nightclubs, as part of a new legislative plan.

The intentions of the new law are good, as it aims to fight alcohol-fuelled violence. But as police will allegedly be using the legal drink drive limit as a benchmark, what the police deem to be “highly intoxicated” may be dramatically different to patrons.

Joey Lamttina, managing director of the Gold Coast’s Platinum nightclub, told inthemix, “These laws are draconian. Venue operators [already] have the strictest laws to abide by and we do. Patrons need to be held accountable for their actions.”

There is no date set for the legislation yet, but Gold Coast Bulletin reports that they believe the Australian government want to have the new laws in place by November.