In Picture: The Big Grill Festival

In Picture: The Big Grill Festival


It was a bright Friday evening and for once, our reliable Irish weather spared us from the rain.

Here we are at the Big Grill Festival, Herbert Park, Dublin.

the crowd

If you managed to get to Herbert Park over the weekend, you must have been a meat lover and a bit of a schadenfreudist – admit it, you enjoy watching men burning their taste buds with some seriously red-hot chili pepper!


If I was a vegetarian, I would not have set foot in there! So if you are, please do not scroll down – some images could be disturbing.

You may have needed a big fork and knife, not to mention an equally big appetite…












In order to enjoy this mighty beast, or a steak on the grill…

_DSC1021 _DSC1042

We followed the arrows…


Sat down on the grass, these comfy bean bags…


and the not-so-comfy giant bench.


We stuffed our bellies and really needed a lie down on the hammocks.


We felt a bit like Alice in wonderland, but we didn’t shrink, we weren’t drunk, these were simply GMOs ( genetically modified organisms).

_DSC1026 _DSC1041

It looks good? Doesn’t it?

We had fun, when we weren’t dodging bulls!

_DSC1011 (2)









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