At a time when Yelp reviews are the new food and wine critic and Instagram is the new food photography, it’s easy for a bar or restaurant’s branding to get lost in the conversations happening about it online. The old fashioned word-of-mouth only goes so far these days without people backing up a recommendation with a Google search. So how does an up-and-coming or even an established spot get their message to the online throngs, loud and clear? By working with experts who specialize in online PR and marketing.

How many times have you come across an image of your establishment over social media that doesn’t do justice to the environment, the food or the customer service you offer? The only thing worse than that is to not have anyone talking about your bar or restaurant at all. Building your bar or restaurant’s brand identity will have a big affect on how it does on social media. But you have to know who your target customers are before you can effectively build your business’ identity. Do your patrons prefer eating healthy or having a pint with the boys while watching the game? Does your bar draw a crowd because of the stellar wine cellar or the mighty whiskey selection? Build your brand around what they are interested in and then build your PR and marketing strategy around that.

And who knows your business better than you do? If all you need is a little help creating events and deals to grow your business and bottom line, working with an online PR and Marketing platform may be the most effective and economical solution for you. A platform, such as, puts you in the driver’s seat to find your target audience and direct your marketing effort where they will matter most. Not only will you grab the attention of new customers, you will be able to get in front of the press who are constantly looking for new places to try and old favorites to revisit. Trying to connect to all of the top food and nightlife bloggers is exhaustive work. Funneling your best images, deals and newsworthy tidbits to an online nightlife hub will help get more influencers through your door—ones you never even thought to reach out to. These types of sites are also the first thing a travel writer will look at when planning a trip to your city. Wouldn’t it be nice to get on the must-do, must-eat and must-experience lists of visitors from all over the world?

It starts with taking more control of your bar and restaurant’s online image and building brand recognition right from the source. Show off your glowing personality, your wild side, your awesome staff and your world-class food and entertainment before anyone else does. PR and marketing can be your best friend and a team that takes care of hosting your strategy in an all-access site can do wonders for your reputation.

Do your research, and only work with an online PR and marketing platform that can demonstrate proven results for similar establishments. What they cost in set up and service fees should be offset by how much time, work and stress they save you. You’ll know you made the right choice when it becomes a pleasure again to run your business instead of chasing after your public image


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