What’s the name? Tracy Bruen

Where she from? “Originally from a town about 30 miles outside the city, Dunmore, but living on and off in Galway for the last fifteen years! All the musicians in the band are Galway-based also.”

Who does she sound like? “Hard to answer this one without sounding like a complete tool! Our musical style has been compared to Kate BushJoni Mitchell and my vocal style to Carly Simon and Karen Carpenter so I’ll take that.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“I don’t have a plan, per se.  I just want to be playing and writing music with good people and I hope I’ll still have the opportunity to play that for other people.  I guess that’s a plan, right?”

Where did it all start for you?
“It started with a tin whistle and primary grade piano aged seven. Then it moved through grades, trad music and classical singing in my teens, the inevitable hiatus through my 20’s and reintroduction to music aged 29 whilst playing with My Fellow Sponges.  I started writing original music in 2013 and the rest…..is documented.”

Who do you cite as your musical idols?
“My band mates old and new, Stephanie Swanton, Padraic Joyce, Hob Junker, Adam Downey and John O’Dwyer. A finer group of musicians you would do well to find.  They keep me on my toes!”  
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